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AIR Team

We at AIR are a team of specially trained paediatric doctor and nurses, working within A&E and the community with over 50 years’ combined experience. In our day-to-day work we are dealing with seriously-ill children where their deteriorating condition can occasionally lead to CPR. We are all parents to young children and want to raise awareness of childhood illnesses and how to give life-saving treatment in the event of an emergency.

What would you do if your child stopped breathing? Would you be able to save your child from choking? How would you respond if your child had a severe allergic reaction?

AIR invites you to join us to learn Basic Life Support skills, What to do in the event of Anaphylaxis, Choking or a Febrile Convulsion and the Recognition of Sepsis and Meningitis.

We provide a relaxed environment with ample opportunity to ask the professionals!

Who Is AIR?

Why First Aid? The skills are simple and easy to remember, it has an incredible impact and most importantly, it saves lives. Our wish is to pass on basic life skills to the general public to do exactly that, after all, increasing your skills directly increases the chances of survival. The more people who are trained in first aid the more people’s lives can be potentially saved.
We promise to teach the most up to date evidence based practice and skills whilst encouraging a hands on approach to facilitate your learning. Our courses have a professional but relaxed approach, always offering ample time for questions throughout thus increasing your confidence to carry out the skills you learn should you ever need to. No question is too small or simple, in fact we encourage them as it always adds great dimension to the course.

Meet Our Team

 Dr Sam Thenabadu MBBS MRCP DRCOG DCH MA Clin Ed FCEM MSc (Paed) FHEA FAcadMEdEd
Dr Sam Thenabadu MBBS MRCP DRCOG DCH MA Clin Ed FCEM MSc (Paed) FHEA FAcadMEdEdConsultant Adult & Paediatric Emergency Medicine Deputy Dean, Head of Stage 3, GKT School of Medicine
Sam is the father of two energetic boys that continually keep him on his toes. He graduated in 2001 and dual trained in Adult and Paediatric Emergency Medicine and has been a consultant and children’s A&E clinical lead since 2011 at the Princess Royal University Hospital.

He has a passion for medical education and has Masters level degrees in both Clinical Medical Education and Advanced Paediatrics. He has been teaching doctors and nurses in healthcare teams on National Advanced Adult and Paediatric Life Support courses for over 15 years.

Academically he has written 12 medical textbooks and given presentations at national conferences in emergency medicine, paediatrics, medical education and patient safety.

“Working in Children’s ED I am passionate about delivering the highest possible care for the children we see. Having dealt with the sickest and most life threateningly ill children, I realise more and more that we have less chance of delivering advanced care without training parents and the layperson to deliver excellent basic first aid care at scene. Those 10 minutes are what saves lives.”

Laura Havers
Laura HaversPaediatric Sister BSc in Children’s Nursing
Co-founder of AIR Laura is Mum to 4 year old twin girls. She qualified as a children’s nurse in 2005 and has since spent the majority of her career as a Community Nursing Sister. Prior to this she worked in a Special Care Baby Unit caring for premature and critically unwell neonates and on a Children’s Ward as a Junior Sister, nursing medical, surgical and oncology patients.

As a Community Nursing Sister, Laura looks after patients with chronic, long-term medical illnesses such as leukaemia and those who are acutely unwell but able to receive nursing care at home. She also works closely with the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, The Royal Marsden Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital to facilitate terminally unwell patients spending their last days at home.

Throughout her career, Laura has been faced with many emergency situations in patients’ homes. Acting quickly and autonomously is a vital part of Laura’s job, thus giving the patient the best chance of survival by commencing effective first aid at the scene.

Laura is also a qualified mentor, supporting and facilitating learning for pre-registration nurses.

“Parents and carers of young children deserve the highest quality of training to keep their little ones safe. My wish is to pass on the skills that I have acquired to develop confidence and competence if faced with an emergency.”

Gemma Robinson
Gemma RobinsonPaediatric Sister
Co-founder of AIR, Gemma is a working mum, married with 2 beautiful young children.

She qualified as a paediatric nurse in 2007 and over the past 11 years has gained a vast amount of experience. Her career began at Addenbrooks hospital dealing with children recovering from major trauma and surgical problems. From here she moved into general paediatrics and also spent a year gaining experience on paediatric intensive care at Great Ormond Street hospital.

During the last 7 years Gemma has been a sister in the paediatric A&E delivering care to children with life threatening conditions. She is also a clinical practice facilitator delivering training to newly qualified staff nurses and students and keeping the department training up to date.

Working in both intensive care and A&E I have been involved with traumatic and devastating situations. AIR gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills in order to give others confidence and know how to provide life saving treatment which can give a child the best chance of survival.”