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“These guys are legit AMAZING!
Legends. All of them”


“This has probably been
one of the most worthwhile
afternoons of my life.
Honestly, what a brilliant bunch”

Ruth, A Model Recommends

“Having just attended the Air-Resus, baby and child first aid course I can honestly
say that it was by far the best first aid course I have ever attended. The course is
unique in that it is run by doctors and nurses and is therefore more informative and
based on real life experience. I found the team to be very engaging and extremely
knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to any parents,
carers/childcare providers or anyone considering a paediatric first aid course”

Fiona, Mother.

“What a fantastic initiative and much needed in all domains from schools, nurseries
and overall general public! I can only hope that Gemma, Laura and Sam will continue
to receive the support to be able to deliver this full of information, practical and well
taught course in many other settings. This is what public health is all about!
Great session, relaxed approach and much passion from the facilitators from a
subject of significant interest for us all - health of our children.
Will definitely recommend and spread the word!!!"

Bianca, Mother.

“Thank you so much Sam, Gemma and Laura. I would highly recommend this course
to anyone who has, about to have, or works with children. Three highly qualified
professionals teaching life saving techniques. I hope I don't ever have to put into
practice, but I can now say I would be confident to do so. Lovely approachable team
can't stress how great this course is. Thank you."

Faye, Mother.

"What a fantastic course! The team of medical professionals were extremely
knowledgeable and engaging and my daughter and I learnt so much in a short
period of time. We both feel a lot more confident now to deal with a medical
emergency should it arise.
Thank you so much. We both highly recommend this course!"

Tammy, Nanny.